I have NEVER worked as a prosecutor and I have NEVER represented the interests of big corporations. Under the direction of great mentors I came up the hard way, in the trenches of this industry, without a government safety net or screwing over plaintiffs to satisfy a financial bottom line. For over 10 years, I have ONLY represented the interests of YOU, the citizen accused or the plaintiff injured at the fault of another. As a United States Marine, I know what it takes to be the best. The leadership characteristics and traits of the United States Marine Corps apply in my practice of law and in my life. You will not find an individual more dedicated to your success anywhere else - that I PROMISE! Outside of the office, I am a proud Galveston local and impassioned advocate of our island tourism industry, oftentimes pulling entertaining stunts and shenanigans to help bring positive vibes and attention to our great city. So whether its in the courtroom hard at work or on the island fooling around, you'll always have my 100% because that's what it takes to win. Results don't lie. No better friend, no worse enemy. Semper Fi. #theislandattorney

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